...Group Container

The group containers be fun and energetic as the questions asked can be things you had never thought about so there's scope to learn more and share ideas - hell even make some friends and new contacts for collabs somewhere down the line

These are for the people who love working in groups  and are curious enough explore on a deeper level.  I currently run two of these containers... 

Human Design - Navigate your North Node

This is where solopreneurs (spiritual or not) can start to use their human design chart to discover how they can tweak their energies to build a business that isn't leaving them eating pasta and sardines all month. We will work through the different aspects of where you have possibly been compromising your values and worth and  discover how you can use YOU, your unique gifts and talents to  plug the damn of despair, to create  magic and wealth without overworking and constantly doing the most to attract your ideal clients...

Investment: £400

Payment plans available

Yoga Teachers - Dare to Delve Deeper


The invitation is to explore yourself fully as a human being first then as a teacher, deconstructing what you've been told you had to do to be successful and becoming the badass teacher you know you can be





Module to follow...